N-Tech Environment Protection (ChangZhou)
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N-Tech Environment Protection Science and Technology (Changzhou) Co. Ltd was established in 2016, with registered capital of 10 million Yuan.

The company is located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Wujin National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, north to Yanghu Road on the east side of Fenglin Road.  The company mainly engaged in design, research and development, production, sales and service of high-performance water treatment films, while undertook various projects, including energy conservation and environmental protection projects, resources comprehensive utilization and recycling projects, design, management and contracting of water treatment engineering projects and other professional projects.

Through independent innovation and integrating world’s leading technical resources, the company introduces an US technical expert team and set up a strong technical international R&D team, which comprises 3 foreign experts, 5 Ph.D. with overseas background, and more than 10 technical staff with master’s or bachelor’s degree. The product technology reached international advanced level with major performance indicators reaching the level of similar products of Dow Filmtec. Products of the company cover sea water reverse osmosis membrane and other six major types, which can be used in desalination, sewage treatment, industrial water, special separation and other fields.

The Company takes "developing the world's leading water treatment film" as the corporate vision, "carrying forward the national brand and leading the industry development" as the corporate mission shaping the "open, innovate, strive, win-win" business values. The products are mainly targeted at seawater desalination, sewage treatment, special separation and other high-end applications market, with the aim of replacing imports with domestic products. The company actively participates in international market competition, seeking a place in the international band monopolized market, providing China’s wisdom and solutions to the global water treatment market.

The company will keep to the strategy of technical innovation and continuously enhance the product performance, leading the development of water treatment industry and creating a national brand of high-performance membrane elements, contributing to the development of global water treatment industry.  

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