Research team

Team Leader: Dr.Xiaomin Zhang  

Dr. Xiaomin Zhang an international expert in the field of porous film, successfully developed and commercialized a variety of new porous membrane products, creating a huge benefits. Dr. Xiaomin Zhang has been studying and processing polyolefins for many years. He has applied for more than ten America patents and published more than 20 high-level papers in international journals. In addition, Dr. Xiaomin Zhang has served as the United States General Electric (GE) R & D scientists and the United States Polypore International's chief technical experts, presided over a number of large-scale R & D projects, a wealth of scientific research management experience. Dr. Zhang Xiaomin as a team leader, is responsible for the management of the entire research project and grasps the progress of the various sub-topics to ensure that the corresponding scientific research objectives, while Dr. Xiaomin Zhang is responsible  for sub-project "volume membrane automation and anti-pollution membrane components design" .


Team core members: Dr. Ji Wang

Dr. Ji Wang obtained a doctorate in engineering from the University of Virginia Polytechnic University in the United States. He studys porous filter materials and anti-biological contaminants. He has worked as a researcher at the University of Florida in the United States and has been working on water purification materials and antimicrobial materials. And pioneered the study of bacterial adsorption by altering the physical morphology of the membrane surface by bionics. By designing the period and characteristic size of the surface morphology of the membrane, the adsorption capacity of specific bacteria on the surface can be reduced by more than 93% . Dr. Ji Wang applied porous nanofibers to adsorb water purification materials, and through the optimization process, the specific surface area of nanofibers reached 19 m2 / g, which greatly enhanced the adsorption capacity of the materials. At the same time the introduction of carbon nanotubes adsorption material, making the mechanical strength of the material increased by 120%, can be repeated after repeated use. In addition, Dr. Ji Wang carried out nano-titanium dioxide photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants in the study, by increasing the specific surface area of titanium dioxide nano-materials, catalytic efficiency can be increased by 280% or more. Dr. Ji Wang will be the introduction of natural antibacterial polymers into nanofibers and nanotubes, effectively improving the antibacterial properties of natural macromolecules. Dr. Ji Wang has a number of papers widely cited published in international journals in anti-pollution materials.


Team members: Dr. Zhining Wang

Dr. Wang Zhining received his Ph.D. degree from the Department of Chemistry of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He was a visiting scholar at Yale University in the United States. He is currently an associate professor of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Ocean University of China. He studys  the technology of desalination, publishing more than 30 papers and applying for five  patents , besides,presiding over the completion of a number of national and local research projects and research results are repeatedly cited by domestic and foreign scholars .