Nanofiltration membrane

1. High desalination rate of nanofiltration membrane NF-1

Nanofiltration membrane NF-1 has high selectivity for two ions and above ions in water, and its operating pressure is only about 1/3 in the traditional reverse osmosis. Nanofiltration membrane separation can be applied to softening water quality, and at the same time, it can effectively remove total carbon, low molecular weight compounds, bacteria and heavy metal pollutants at low operating pressure, especially for wastewater reuse, industrial water treatment and other applications. The membrane has a higher desalination rate than NF-2.

2, high water flux nanofiltration membrane NF-2

Compared with NF-1 membrane, NF-2 has higher water yield. It is an ideal membrane element for removing organic matter and softening part of surface water and groundwater. It is suitable for wastewater reuse, industrial water preparation and pesticide / organic wastewater treatment. NF-2 has higher water permeability, saving energy cost, and is very suitable for the operating system with high water production requirements.