Industrial reverse osmosis membrane

1, sea water (SW) membrane

SW is a new kind of reverse osmosis membrane element with high desalination rate and high yield of water (low energy consumption). The membrane can be used for seawater desalination, and has the characteristics of high desalination rate, stable performance and low operation cost. It can ensure that seawater can get drinking water from seawater after desalination by first stage reverse osmosis. This series of membranes can also be used for various industrial water treatment such as desalination of high concentration brackish water, power plant boiler make-up water and so on. At the same time, it can also be applied to many fields of landfill leachate treatment, as well as concentration and recovery of high value-added substances.     

2, brackish water (BW) membrane

BW is a brackish water reverse osmosis membrane with high water flux and high desalination rate, which can effectively remove all kinds of inorganic ions, colloidal substances and macromolecular solutes contained in raw water. The membrane can be applied to all kinds of industrial pure water and power plant boiler make-up water. It can also be used to treat high concentration salty industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater treatment, and also can meet the production and pharmaceutical industry and food industry and other aspects of water consumption.

3, ultra low pressure (ULP) reverse osmosis membrane

ULP is a super low pressure brackish water reverse osmosis membrane. The membrane is an energy saving reverse osmosis membrane. Its running pressure is only 2/3 of the conventional brackish water membrane pressure. It has ultra-low operating pressure and high desalination rate. This series of membranes is suitable for the treatment of water sources with low salinity, such as surface / underground water, tap water and municipal water, etc., and it should also be applied to various fields such as pure water, boiler make-up water, food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

4, extremely low pressure (XLP) reverse osmosis membrane

XLP is a very low pressure and brackish water reverse osmosis membrane. The membrane is energy saving reverse osmosis membrane. It has low operation pressure, high water yield and good desalting performance. It is especially suitable for water treatment with low salinity. XLP is suitable for all kinds of pure water preparation, especially the user end treatment, such as home drinking water machine, commercial pure water machine, hospital and laboratory pure water device. This series of products can be used in many fields, such as boiler supply water, food processing and drug manufacturing industry, and can also be used for the second level desalination of the two stage reverse osmosis.

5, anti fouling (FR) reverse osmosis membrane

FR film is a kind of reverse osmosis membrane pollution resistance, has the characteristics of high water production, desalination performance, at the same time, due to the special process on the film surface, thereby reducing the pollution of pollutants and microorganisms on the membrane surface, also has the characteristics of good cleaning recovery, reduce pollution and prolong the service life of the membrane element objective. This series of membranes is especially suitable for the wide variety of inlet water quality in China, and is also suitable for polluted water sources, such as industrial wastewater containing pollutants and municipal wastewater treatment.